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Parents United US

"Reaching Parents Reaches Children" 

501c3 Nonprofit

We desire to help parents have healthy relationships with their children and the other parent(s) involved!


  • False Allegations and How to Protect Yourself by Michael Port
  • Effects of Parental Alienation on Children by Margaret (Port) Carlyle
  • Targeted Parent Coping Skills by Michael Port
  • What is Parental Alienation by Michael Port
  • Communication Creates Positive Parenting: Understanding Your Communication Style & Avoiding Conflict for your Family by Angela Pennington & Lori Gephert

Community Information Packets:

  • Parental Alienation
  • Divorce Affects Children
  • Mediation As Best Option

Support Groups:

  • Parental Alienated Parents - We meet to share and encourage one another as we try to cope with being alienated from our child(ren).
  • Falsely Accused - Many of us have been down this road and meet and talk about our experiences.
  • Children Being Alienated from Targeted Parent or Siblings w/ Margaret (Port) Carlyle
  • Parenting Teenagers

Advocacy Assistance/referral:

  • Divorce/custody questions & forms *** We do not offer legal advice but point you in the right directions to get the help you need.
  • Attorney Referral Program
  • Counseling Agencies Referral Program

Educational Videos:

This is our daughter speaking out about what she went through as a child of alienation. Please listen to her as she answers questions that people had from the community. I pray it helps you be more educated as we make a greater awareness of this very serious issue!

Angela Hanzey & Michael Port on Talk of The Town Start Time 10:46 & End Time 17:52

Lori Gephart & Michael Port on Talk of The Town - Start Time 11:58 & End Time 17:59