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Parents United US

"Reaching Parents Reaches Children" 

501c3 Nonprofit

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Our Staff

Michael Port is the Founder of Parents United US and President of Guernsey County Parents United US. He resides in Byesville, OH. He currently works as self-employed. He also holds two degrees: Bachelors in Religion/Youth Ministries and a Masters Degree in Special Education. He has been a Youth Pastor and in Childrens Ministry for a total of 25 years. He was also a Foster/Adoptive Parent in Guernsey County for 6 years. He has trained adults all over Ohio on how to work with children. He has also worked in several public schools in Southeastern Ohio. Now he takes all those years of experience to make a difference in Guernsey and surrounding Counties. He is also currently working on getting certification as a Parenting Instructor and as a Mediator.

Mr. Port is divorced after 12 years. He has one bio son with his ex (Taylor) and adopted 3 children who are siblings (Jimmy, Margaret, and Tracie). Jimmy resides with his dad and the other children reside in NC with their mother. Mr. Port does not see his children in NC but continues to fight for his right to do so.

*** UPDATE: Mr. Port now has a relationship with his daughter Margaret who he was alienated from for 4 years. He is excited to announce she has also joined the organization and desires to educate and make aware the issues within family law.

*** Mr. Port is now married to Cindy Port and they have a baby who was born April 23, 2014.

Guernsey County Parents United US Vice President - VACANT

Guernsey County Parents United US Secretary - Janice Dennis                                                              

Guernsey County County Parents United US Treasurer - Cindy Port 

Guernsey County Parents United US Outeach/Programs Director - Vacant

Stark County Parents United US - Michael Hakes & Alexander Haas

Franklin County Parents United - Howie Dennison?