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Parents United US

"Reaching Parents Reaches Children" 

501c3 Nonprofit

Purpose Statement

Parents United seeks to be a support organization to various types of parents by educating, advocating, and proactively seeking changes to promote healthy parent-child relationships.


1. Making an awareness of parental alienation and educating parents and the community through events and resources.

2. Seeking ways to cut down on false allegations in custody/divorce cases.

3. Partner with other organizations with like goals.

4. Seeks to keep children together with both parents in most cases and to provide or assist in getting parents help that is needed to establish reunification.

5. Train parents through educational seminars on how to relate to their children.

6. Plan activities that helps youth & children develop stronger relationships with parents.

7. Assist in helping parents have a healthy environment for their court ordered supervised visitation times.

8. Educating parents on new legislation and laws.